We started Bellwether Rugs to bring high-quality, handmade rugs to a wider audience at an affordable price.  Buying an authentic rug can be a harrowing experience, but we believe that everyone is entitled to finding rugs of the highest craftsmanship, beauty, and history. So we set out to redesign the experience—blending traditional craft with modern technology to bring exquisite rugs into your home. Bellwether offers the authentic, high-quality rugs that you can only find in showrooms or through decorators. We've worked to find the best rugs at the best prices so that you can find the perfect match.



The Bellwether

There's no better mascot to tell our story than the Bellwether. These wool-covered sheep, clad with brass bells around their necks, lead the herd. We're also leading the herd with our curated selection of  one-of-a-kind handmade wool rugs. At Bellwether Rugs, we bring vintage and vintage-inspired rugs made of high quality Bellwether wool and the finest craftsmanship into your home. 

How We Got Started

As roommates at Dartmouth, we quickly realized that finding an attractive, well-made rug to cover our mismatched tile floor was a challenge. We were disappointed by the cheap machine-made rugs being sold online and committed to finding something beautiful and durable.

After a few phone calls and pulled strings, Molly convinced her dad to lend her a beautiful Oushak heirloom. The rug was perfect. We laughed, studied, slept, and lived around our new rug—it became our centerpiece.