We want your Bellwether to look like a treasure.


The lanolin in Bellwether wool is resistant to stains, but must be treated quickly before stains soak through. First, blot the affected area with a damp cloth. Apply a soapy water mixture, and then elevate the damp part of the rug with a bowl or block so that it can dry.


Bellwether’s natural dyes and soft hues are subject to fading, especially in direct sunlight. Rotate your rug often to prevent fading in one spot.

Routine Cleaning

Avoid using vacuums on handmade rugs. Sweep or shake out your rug to rid it of dust and debris. Every 8-10 years, rugs need to be professionally cleaned. Find a local oriental rug cleaner to restore your rug to its original sheen.

Rug Pad

We recommend using a felt rug pad, like this one from Amazon. These pads extend the life of your rug by preventing sliding, wrinkling, stretching and slipping while also providing a thicker and more comfortable support underfoot.