What is a Bellwether?


What is a Bellwether? And more importantly, why did we choose the name to represent our company? In an attempt to answer these questions, let's break down the different definitions of the word:

Bellwether, noun. |bell•we•ther|

[No. 1] A sheep with a bell around its neck that leads the flock.
[No. 2] An indicator or predictor of something.

Like the bellwether that leads the flock, our customers exemplify the values of trendsetting and individualism. You are one-of-a-kind, and we believe your home's interior design should be, too. High quality, distinct, and thoughtfully selected from different corners of the globe, our rugs are the perfect tool for you to conveniently bring beauty and charm to your home at the perfect price.

Which brings us to our personal Bellwether definition:

[No. 3] A bold rug made of soft sheep's wool with a social mission that gives back to its roots.

When we rolled out our very first oushak rug as college roommates, we discovered the energy a rug can bring to a home firsthand. In a long and tedious search to find our “perfect” rug, we found a passion for the industry and a vision to make the rug-buying process honest and approachable. We're excited to bring our fantastically curated selections and do-good attitude right to your doorstep!


Molly & Sara

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