Why Atlanta's Design Community Rocks

We found Brick+Mortar on Instagram and fell in love with the aesthetic. Maps, leather couches, taxidermy, and nostalgia? This place was for us. Our first Bellwether photoshoot took place at this vintage honey hole, and we were lucky enough to have the talented, humble, huge hearted (I could go on...)  photographer Sarah Dorio snap our first shots. Starting a business is daunting. The to-do list balloons just as you try to navigate your first missteps, and everything seems to need attention all at once. But on the other hand, starting a business is inspiring, incredibly rewarding, and possibly even life-changing. There's opportunity on the horizon, pep in our step, and our minds are full of ideas...and rugs!

Sunday morning, before the shop opened and the West Egg brunch crowd rolled in, we styled our Bellwethers among anything and everything in the shop. Church pews, oil portraits, craftsman desks, mid-century chairs, luggage, brass, whatever called our name. David's curated collection made it pretty easy. As the morning sunlight streamed in, I held reflectors to bounce the light back on our vignettes so Sarah could capture the perfect shot. The outcome? Well, check it out. Bellwethers, beautiful light, and a great vibe—we couldn't ask for more. 

As two gals from the tech world, we must admit, we knew nothing about photoshoots. But David & Sarah's generosity, mixed with their patience, flair, and creativity, was the perfect introduction we needed.  Atlanta, you've baffled us with the kindness of your creative community. We can't wait for Bellwether to take part!

Cheers to new friends!

Molly & Sara

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