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In a world where we strive to be bigger, faster, and stronger than the next greatest thing, we still can’t shake the appeal of the handmade. Sure, it takes more time to hand-knot each inch of a rug, but the final  product  exudes craftsmanship, beauty, and can transcend generations. There is just something alluring about the tangible heritage of a handmade rug. At Bellwether, we are following our noses and hearts into handmade rugs. We have a hunch you might want to follow along!

Twice a year, Atlanta transforms into a rug and interior design mecca. AmericasMart is an entrancing convention of the best designers, decorators, and manufacturers in the interior design world. Exhibitors captivate their audiences with displays of brilliant pillows and elegant rugs. Buyers travel from both coasts to peruse the latest designs, carefully selecting items for their projects back home. The decorators and designers at AmericasMart are two years ahead of the rest of us—already looking beyond the next trend. 

We had the great fortune of meeting so many new friends as we walked the showrooms and drooled over beautiful textiles and decor. Sarah Stroh from Rug News and Design displayed her amazing spread of photos after her last trip spotlighting the rug making industry in India. South Africa’s Lifestyle Hubthrew a rager complete with s’mores, lemurs, and our newfound Bellwether mascot, Beni. We met Josh and Odini from Res Ipsa, and we can’t wait for their chukka boots and loafers to take the well-dressed world by storm! We’re jonesing for our own pair (or 5). Oh, and we stuffed ourselves atRumi’s Kitchen. Have you been? No? Go!

As we queued up in the airport security line on our way back home, our minds were racing with ideas for the future. We've been fueled with design inspiration that will sustain us until our launch in March! We're ready to take the plunge, and can't wait to make buying your own handmade rug a delightful and memorable experience. As the founders of Bellwether, we could not be more excited. We're off to a bright start!


Molly & Sara

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