How It Feels to Own Your First Bellwether: A Bellwether Intern Perspective

As a senior at the University of Georgia, my life has been consumed with sliding through my last two semesters of college unscathed. This year, I hope to land a full time job I can be proud of, take advantage of my final year as a resident of Athens, pour dedication into my extracurriculars and internship with Bellwether, and ultimately graduate with no unanticipated problems. A Type-A person (as much as I hate to admit that), knowing that my future is uncertain is...unsettling. I’ve always worked hard, certain the effort would provide me with a good education, a solid career, and the ability to support myself and eventually settle down. When it feels like these things aren’t going according to your plan, it’s easy to lose confidence in your abilities and lose focus of the small things that make you happy. When I got my first Bellwether, that tendency subsided.
Today, as I was retrieving the plush chihuahua I ordered for a costume party later in the week (FYI, I was being Elle Woods from Legally Blonde), I came across another package that I was not expecting. I opened the box and pulled out a fantastically colored rug, which I recognized from AmericasMart, and a small letter slipped out along with it. It was from the co-founders of Bellwether that I had been interning with, so naturally my initial assumption was that I had a new photography assignment. But after reading the kind note, I found myself shocked and stumbling over the final words: “Now we hope you enjoy your very first handmade Bellwether. Cheers! - Molly & Sara” This rug wasn’t for an was for me. I reread the sentence to be absolutely positive. I couldn’t believe it - they had sent me my very first Bellwether for my contribution to the company!
As I excitedly rolled out my Bellwether in various corners of my tiny apartment to find its best placement, I found it gave it the classic vintage spirit that I had read about on the website and discussed in posts. My mind began swimming with thoughts of the future. Coming home and collapsing on my future couch after work, sharing wine and laughter with friends in the living room, hosting block and holiday parties with neighbors, cooking dinner while sharing stories with roommates, all over this Bellwether. This Bellwether represents the sanctity of home, and it reminds me no matter where life takes me, home is where I can always return to feel secure, comfortable, and of course, stylish. I promise that if you introduce a Bellwether to your home, you will experience the same spirit.

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